Single-molecule technology      Non-B-DNA      Chromatin Dynamics      Statistical mechanics of DNA



     1. Developing a cutting-edge hybrid single-molecule technology


We have developed the first hybrid single molecule technique that combines single-molecule FRET and magnetic tweezers with the torque-application capability. We continue to improve this method to meet higher level of technical demands and overcome other technical challenges. PNAS



     2. Investigations of non-B-DNA conformations


We have sought physical and quantitative understanding of a variety of non-canonical DNA structures such as left-handed Z-DNA, triple-helical H-DNA, and cytosine tetraplex called i-motif. We would provide physical mechanism behind (proposed and speculated) biological effects and functions of those unorthodox DNA conformations.  PNAS, BJ, JPCB.



     3. Investigation of chromatin dynamics


We have searched for the biological effect of chromatin, in particular, its effect on the efficacy of anti-cancer drug, cisplatin. In general, we are also interested in physical principle behind chromatin dynamics.



     4. Statistical mechanics tested in bio-model systems


DNA is an excellent model system to test statistical mechanics. In collaboration with Profs. N.-K. Lee and A. Johner, we investigated physical behavior of DNA from statistical mechanics’ viewpoint. (EPJ-E (2007), EPL (올 초))